Animal Duos
Bunny Riding a Turtle with Carrot Bait
This bunny riding a turtle is a twist on the Tortoise and the Hare fable. Slow and steady wins the r..
Cat Knight Riding a Dragon
This feisty kitty cat knight and his loyal magical dragon friend are ready to take on the world with..
Elephant and Elephant Shrew in a Flower
This elephant and his elephant shrew friend are actually more related than you may think. Elephant s..
Lion Riding a Giraffe
This unexpected savannah duo may seem unlikely, but this giraffe happily transports his lion buddy a..
Mouse Knight Riding a Dragon
This fierce little mouse knight and his trusty magical dragon friend are ready to take on the world ..
Needle Felted Alpaca and Backpacking Sloth Adventurers
"Alpaca my bags!" Sloth is ready to go on a fun adventure with his trusty alpaca friend. This one-of..
Needle Felted Malayan Tapir Mom and Calf
These adorable needle felted Malayan Tapir Mom and her Calf are handmade with love out of 100% natur..
Needle Felted Sea Otter Mum and Baby
This charming needle felted sea otter mum and baby set is handmade with love out of 100% natural woo..
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